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Hey everyone!

Let’s make acquaintance. My name is Viktor. I’m the author of “Tall Man Blog”. My height is 6′ 6″ (198 cm). I have a wife (her height is 6′ 4″ or 193 cm ) and a small (so far) daughter.

I’d be pleased with my height if it weren’t for some everyday difficulties I suffer from. Sadly, this world was created by “average” people and for “average” ones. And if you don’t meet their standards, then you will immediately have difficulties, or even problems, related to your “irregularity”.

If you read this post, you’re most likely to concern about the problems connected with tall height, as I am, such as: where to buy clothes for tall people, where and how to meet a tall guy/girl, how to choose a car for tall people, and many others, the existence of which “ordinary” people are not even aware of.

Here, I’ll try to answer all your questions based on my own life experience and knowledge. If there’s one thing I know a lot, it’s about high people.

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